Regional Folklore Festival – 48 Hours of Dancing

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Madeira is the municipality of Santana, located on the northern coast of the island. It is the home of the infamous “Casinhas de Santana”, traditional houses with triangular rooftops covered with straw (probably one of the first things you picture in your head when thinking about Madeira). The highest peak of the island, Pico Ruivo, and the beautiful natural reserve, Reserva Natural do Sítio da Rocha do Navio, are also located there. But those are not the only things worth seeing in Santana. It might be a bit less-known than the triangular houses, but there is an event that takes place there every year, which might really surprise you!

This July, the 31st Regional Folklore Festival – 48 Hours of Dancing is the place to be. It is an event that can really show you the joyful spirit and the hospitality of the madeirense people. Its main attraction is, of course, the dance performances of roughly 20 folk groups, each representing a different municipality of the Madeira archipelago. The members wear traditional costumes (traje da Madeira) that slightly differ from each other according to the region of the island the group is from. Music is provided by locals playing Portuguese folk instruments. All three days of the Regional Folklore Festival are filled with group dance performances, as well as group parades, so you will always have something to see! Also, on the last day of the event an award ceremony is held.

Dancing is not the only thing the festival has to offer. Aside from the folk groups, there are other musical ensembles, both local and foreign, who entertain people with their shows. And if you wish to further explore Madeira’s culture, you can try typical local food and beverages, or buy some handicrafts at one of the many stands available. Those are a part of the Feira dos Municípios or Municipalities Fair that takes place during the Regional Folklore Festival.

As you can see, there is always something to do during the three days of this fantastic event. So if you are planning a trip to Madeira this summer, make sure you don’t miss the Regional Folklore Festival – 48 Hours of Dancing!